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John J Reipas Artist.

I was born on August 16th 1965 in Atikokan Ontario Canada, a hard scrabbled mining town of a population of 6500 (back then). less now. I relocated in the USA and moved to northern Minnesota’s iron range.

After high school, where I graduated a solid C+ student with a few minor conduct problems, I attended one year at Saint Cloud State University taking design courses. One year was enough at SCSU, so my friend Ray and I drove my 1967 beetle to the west coast to take a look around. The only problem was that we drove head on into a herd of wild burrows outside of Vegas and rolled the Volks four times doing sixty plus miles per hour.

Upon our return to the gopher state, I began art school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Eventually graduating in 1990, I have made my living with my paint brushes and creative problem solving skills.

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